Jazz Dance Kurse- english

Jazz Dance for Teens and Grown Ups - Beginners and Advanced

I am giving classes for teenagers and grown ups on different levels - from beginners to advanced dancers. The classes are open- drop in classes- so just join. You don't need to sign up, just come and try!

We are having a summer break! Classes start again mid august/september! News coming soon 🙂



Beginner classes contain slow and easy movements. You can always go a step back, if you feel it gets too difficult for you.

You can join the beginners classes if:

  • You have never danced before.
  • You have a bit of dance experience, but are not sure if the advanced class is not too difficult for you.
  • You  want to practice your technique on a slow and easy level.


Intemediate/Advanced level has a higher dynamics, the movements are faster and more complex. Here as well: take it slower, if you feel it gets too difficult.

You can join the intermediate/Advanced classes if:

  • You have a strong ballett/ jazz/ contemporary technique.
  • You have danced  Jazz Dance for at least one year on a regular basis.
  • You want to practice more difficult turns, jumps, floor technique.
  • You start getting bored in the beginner class.

My Jazz Dance classes

My classes are split in three parts:

  • the warm up
  • the technique-block
  • the choreography

Each class is following this structure. This way you are able to practice every week and get better by repeating each time.

After practicing one choreography for a few weeks, I change it and we start learning a new one for the next weeks. Like that we intensivly learn one style of Jazz Dance for about 4-5 weeks and after get to practice a totally different style in the next choreography. Thus you manage to build up a huge repertoir of movements and be able to move your body in many different ways!


Part 1: The Warm-Up

Each Jazz Dance class starts with a classical Warm Up: we move our body to modern music andwarm it up slowly. The exercises contain movements as following:

  • rolling shoulders
  • roll down
  • isolations
  • push ups
  • tendues
  • jettés
  • plies
  • piruettes


At the end we take our time to stretch and finish up with activating our center with sit ups.

All these exercises are built up on classical ballet, but here we dance to modern music full of energy and break up the hard technique with easy danceparts.

At the end of the warm up our body is warm, stretched, and activated. Now we can start working with our bodies!


Part 2:  Technique

In the second part of the class we start working more precisely on technique. Here you can lay all your attention on practising jazz walks, piruettes, jumps, coordination and much more.

Sometimes I like to break up the technique with some easy danceparts here as well.


Part 3: Choreography

At the end of each Jazz Dance class we dance a choreography. Here I mix elements from the whole class with other movements and we dance the steps many times to the music.

This is the part in the class where your  perceptivity is needed the most. But this is as well the part with most of fun:

Finally you can forget everything around you and just enjoy the dancing and the music!

Dancing without mirrors? A disadvantage? We make it to our advantage.

In my Jazz Dance classes we work without a mirror. Some wonder- Is it pssible at all? Of course it is!

The disadvantage is that we can't see us any more, but we start to change this into our advantage: We start feeling our body much more and build up a  better body-awarness.
Just come over and join the classes to experiense a different way of working without mirrors and controlling your movements in a much better way!